1. Microsoft Developer Blog: Official blog by Microsoft, covering various topics related to C# development and Microsoft technologies.

2. CodeProject: A community of developers where you can find numerous articles, tutorials, and discussions related to C# and other programming languages.

3. Stack Overflow: A popular Q&A website for developers, where you can find a vast number of questions and answers related to C# programming.

4. Scott Hanselman’s Blog: A popular blog by Scott Hanselman, a software engineer and a prominent figure in the developer community. He frequently writes about C# and other Microsoft technologies.

5. C# Corner: A community-driven website with articles, tutorials, videos, and forums related to C# programming and other Microsoft technologies.

6. dotnetperls: A website dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and examples for C# programming. It covers various topics such as collections, algorithms, and performance optimization.

7. Code Magazine: A magazine-style website that provides articles, tutorials, and video tutorials on various programming languages, including C#.

8. Jon Skeet’s C# Blog: Jon Skeet is a well-known C# developer and the author of “C# in Depth” book. His blog covers various advanced topics in C# programming and provides insights into the language’s internals.

9. Simple Talk: A website by Redgate Software, where you can find articles and tutorials related to C# programming, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies.

10. Scott Gu’s Blog: Scott Guthrie, the Executive Vice President of Cloud + AI at Microsoft, frequently writes about C#, ASP.NET, and Azure on his blog.