In this tutorial, we will learn how to create map applications with PHP using the Google Maps API. We will focus on creating a simple map with markers and info windows.

– Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP
– A Google Maps API key. You can obtain a free API key by signing up for a Google account and creating a new project at the Google Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Set up HTML and CSS
First, create a new HTML file and include the necessary CSS and JavaScript files for the Google Maps API.


Map Application

Replace `YOUR_API_KEY` with your actual API key.

In the HTML file, we have a `

` element with an id of “map”, which will hold our map. We also have a simple CSS rule for the map element to give it a height and width.

Inside the `` tag, we include the necessary JavaScript file for the Google Maps API, with our API key and the callback function `initMap`.

The `initMap()` function is called when the page is loaded. It creates a new map object with the specified options, centering it at the coordinates of San Francisco. The `zoom` option determines the initial zoom level of the map.

Next, we create two markers on the map using the `google.maps.Marker` constructor. We specify the position of each marker using latitude and longitude coordinates. We also set a title for each marker.

Then, we create two info windows using the `google.maps.InfoWindow` constructor. We set the content of each info window to a simple text message.

Finally, we attach click event listeners to each marker, so that when a marker is clicked, its corresponding info window is opened.

Step 2: View the map
Save the HTML file as `map.php` and open it in your web browser. You should see a map with two markers and info windows. Clicking on each marker should open its corresponding info window.

That’s it! You have created a map application with PHP and the Google Maps API. You can customize the map options, add more markers or info windows, and add additional functionality as needed.