Data analytics with PHP can be done using various libraries and tools available in the PHP ecosystem. Some popular options include:

1. PHPExcel: This library allows you to read, write, and manipulate Microsoft Excel files. You can use it to perform calculations, extract data, and generate reports.

2. PhpSpreadsheet: Similar to PHPExcel, PhpSpreadsheet is a powerful library for working with Excel files. It supports both XLS and XLSX file formats and provides a wide range of features for data analysis.

3. PHPlot: PHPlot is a library for creating charts and graphs in PHP. It supports various chart types, including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more. You can use it to visualize your data and gain insights from it.

4. PHP-ML: PHP-ML is a machine learning library for PHP. It provides various algorithms and tools for solving classification, regression, clustering, and other machine learning problems. You can use it to train models, make predictions, and analyze data.

5. PHPMyAdmin: PHPMyAdmin is a web-based tool for managing MySQL databases. It allows you to run SQL queries, import/export data, and perform various database operations. You can use it to analyze and manipulate your data directly in the database.

6. Laravel Analytics: Laravel Analytics is a package for integrating Google Analytics with Laravel applications. It provides an easy way to track user actions, analyze website traffic, and generate reports using the Google Analytics API.

These are just a few examples of the tools and libraries available for data analytics in PHP. Depending on your specific use case and requirements, you may need to explore other options or create custom solutions.