There are several pricing strategies that can be implemented in WooCommerce to attract customers and maximize profits. Here are some popular strategies:

1. Cost-plus pricing: Set the price by adding a markup percentage to the cost of the product. This ensures that you cover your costs and make a profit.

2. Competitive pricing: Research the prices of your competitors and set your prices accordingly. You can choose to match or beat their prices to attract customers.

3. Value-based pricing: Set the price based on the perceived value of your product to the customer. This strategy works well for unique or high-quality products.

4. Bundle pricing: Combine multiple products or services into a bundle and offer them at a discounted price compared to purchasing them individually. This encourages customers to buy more and increases the average order value.

5. Psychological pricing: Use pricing techniques such as pricing just below a whole number (e.g., $9.99 instead of $10) or using odd pricing (e.g., $9.95 instead of $10) to create the illusion of a lower price and increase sales.

6. Discount pricing: Offer temporary discounts or promotional sales to drive customer interest and increase sales. You can offer discounts for specific products, categories, or for a limited time period.

7. Dynamic pricing: Use dynamic pricing plugins or tools that adjust the price based on factors such as demand, customer behavior, competitor prices, or inventory levels. This allows you to optimize prices in real-time and increase revenue.

It’s important to analyze your target market, understand customer buying behavior, and monitor the results of your pricing strategies to ensure they are effective and profitable for your business.