PHP frameworks are a collection of pre-written code libraries and tools that simplify the process of developing web applications. They provide a base structure for building applications, handle common tasks such as routing, database interactions, and session management, and enforce certain coding standards and best practices.

Here are some popular PHP frameworks:

1. Laravel: Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It’s known for its elegant syntax, developer-friendly features, and a wide range of packages and libraries. Laravel includes features such as routing, caching, authentication, database ORM, and more, making it suitable for building robust web applications.

2. Symfony: Symfony is a robust and highly flexible PHP framework used by many large-scale projects. It offers a set of reusable PHP components and a full-stack web application framework. Symfony provides a modular architecture, extensive documentation, and a thriving community.

3. CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is a lightweight and easy-to-use PHP framework. It focuses on simplicity and speed, making it suitable for small to medium-sized projects. CodeIgniter provides a small footprint, a simple and elegant syntax, and excellent performance.

4. CakePHP: CakePHP is a rapid development framework that follows the MVC architectural pattern. It has a convention-over-configuration approach, making it easy for developers to get started quickly. CakePHP provides features such as database ORM, form validation, caching, and more.

5. Zend Framework: Zend Framework is a powerful, enterprise-grade PHP framework that follows an object-oriented approach. It provides a robust set of components that can be used independently or together to build high-quality web applications. Zend Framework has a strong focus on security, performance, and best practices.

These frameworks have their own strengths and weaknesses, so the choice depends on the specific needs of the project, the preferences of the development team, and the scalability requirements of the application.